The Forum Gallery! Share a picture, project story, or creative deliverables!

The Gallery Section of the forum can be used to share project examples, pictures from the field, industry updates, events, etc! Here’s my first shot by sharing a picture from last years RCN Conference Stage!


What is it about this shot that speaks to you? Is it just the conference that brings the fondest of memories to the surface or is there something about this image that speaks to you in a special way. Maybe a story or a moment connected to this image? I would love to know!


Honestly it does spark many memories from the conference itself, but this shot specifically is kind of the “Calm before the storm”, where we finalized setup of the stage and design, yet hadn’t kicked off the event yet. It was also the first time in this venue, so it’s always nice to see an idea come together when the kickoff day finally arrives! :smile: