Welcome! Come introduce yourself!

This “Water Cooler” section is for open conversations! Feel free to create your own topic and join in conversations that others create.

Come introduce yourself. I would love to see who’s joining the forum, where are you from, and what types of topics or technologies are most interesting to you at the moment?


Greetings Matt and the rest of the RCN team.

I’m excited to see what you guys are putting together and look forward to sharing educational thoughts and resources with anyone interested.

Pat Ramirez
Arizona - Plumber/Educator/BIM Manager


Good day all! Ellis here, RCN copywriter checking in from our Boise HQ.

For me, there’s never a bad time to talk and learn about robotics, historic preservation, entertainment (unrelenting film buff) AND - encompassing every topic here - elimination of waste in every sense.

Look forward to being a sponge to you all!


Hi everyone! I am Sabina, the other RCN copywriter.

At RCN, I am tasked with researching the industries and technologies covered in this forum. I am sure you all know that finding accurate, cohesive information and resources can be pretty challenging. For this reason, I am thrilled that RCN’s online community is coming together to fill information gaps with industry knowledge and experience through meaningful dialogue.

I am looking forward to learning from you!


Well hello there,

Very glad to be a part of this, my name is Alexis, customer success manager for ATIS.cloud, the best solution for sharing and managing point clouds!

From Annecy, France, but I quite enjoy the journey to Boise every year to attend the RCN conference (now RCON haha).

And I do think creating this was a great idea, congrats to everyone at RCN.

Can’t wait to share more things with all of you!!


Hi Folks! Chris here, scrapping it out in the consulting world. I’ve been leading our Reality Capture group in Atlantic Canada since 2013, and I’m excited to have a place to share, learn, and collaborate within the RCN.

Chris Foran



Joe here, Over in Ireland. Ive been In the Survey world the last 13 years. Currently the lead engineering surveyor for a Tier 1 water utilities company in Ireland. Lots to scan over this way!

Look forward to speaking with you in the future


Hi everyone! I’m Scott Burkey and I am just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In my day job I work for WestRock (global paper and packaging manufacturer) in emerging technology. I also have an Extended Reality community and podcast that I co-host. I’m interested in all things reality capture, extended reality and digital in general.


Hey! I’m Francis Valera. I work for HITT Contracting and for the last two years have largely been in charge of the company’s laser scanning effort. I attended my first RCN conference last year and now look forward to seeing familiar faces this year!


Hey everyone, I’m James Mosimann, very happy and blessed to be a member of the RCN team! I am RCN’s Customer Success Manager meaning I am here for all of you in our community to help foster your success however I can.

It’s so good being with so many great professional coming together and shaping our industry. Honored and excited to be involved in this with everyone here!


Hello all,

I’m Brad and I am the Director of Technology and Metrology Services for RCI Energy Services. After over a decade in the field and back at the office doing the work and creating tons of 3D Models(or Digital Twins as the kids these days say), I transitioned into management in 2021 and in 2024 made a big leap to program owner and director of the metrology division of RCI Energy Services. Not to long after joining RCI I was pulled aside to start reviewing and making plans to revamp the technology and IT practices of the company.

While my formal education is just an associates in science with an emphasis on Physics and Mathematics, I spend my free time learning about oh so many things. My hobbies include Computers and just the tech market in general, Jeeps, and music. You can usually find me talking about my favorite things on my LinkedIn page.

Hope to talk and see everyone this fall in Boise


Greetings all!

Nate Soulje from Elysium Inc out of Southfield, MI. I am an application support specialist with a concentration on reality capture and point cloud transformation.

My education background started with Nuclear Engineering and moved to Mechanical. After receiving my education I started working at Elysium in September of 2016. Since then I have expanded my knowledge through on going work in the mechanical CAD and reality capture spaces.

My hobbies include continuing education in computer programming, learning Japanese, woodworking, and video games. Any PlayStation folks feel free to shout out!

Really excited to continue the collaboration and discussion surrounding these technologies!


Greetings Everyone!

My name is Austin Roggen and I am located in the Albany, NY area.

I am a LiDAR Technician/Part 107 Operator for Mechanical Testing Inc. (MTI). We specialize mostly in mechanical/electrical spaces but have performed jobs in many disciplines with many use cases.

Outside of work, I fly drones recreationally, play disc golf, and am a lifelong Yankees fan.

Excited to see the growth of the RCN community. I was fortunate to meet many of you at RCN 2023 this past year and I look forward to reconnecting and meeting new faces at RCN 2024 this year!


Hello everyone!
My name is Mariana Jimenez. I’m a reality capture enthusiast with a technology and project management background spanning the AECO Industry. I graduated as an Architect in Argentina and, since then, my professional journey has been dedicated to assisting architects, engineers, owners, and general contractors worldwide by leveraging BIM.

In the course of my career, I’ve worked on iconic projects and lived in diverse places such as Los Angeles, Monaco, Santiago de Chile, and Mexico City. I enjoy traveling, and I’m thankful for having the opportunity to do what I love while exploring the world. In 2017, I started to work at ENG BIM (www.engbim.com) where I’ve created and currently lead the Laser Scanning and Scan Modeling division.
Very excited to be part of this community :slight_smile: see y’all this fall for my 4th RCN!